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Used Dodge Engines: Faster Than Dinosaurs?

One of the questions of this past century that no one has been able to figure out has eluded us all… Until now. Now for the question of all questions, are Used Dodge Engines faster than Dinosaurs? The answer is no, they are not faster than Dinosaurs. Car engines cannot move without the actual car itself. So let me ask another question. Can a Dodge beat a Dinosaur in a quarter mile race?

Which Dinosaur Can We Race?

Now to answer this question, there has to be some variables set in place. The most important being, what kind of Dinosaur are we trying to race? Surely we cannot race a Pterodactyl because it would make zero sense to race the Dinosaur version of a Plane. How about the extremely mainstream Velociraptor? Thanks to Jurassic Park, everyone thinks this is the fastest Dinosaur to ever roam the Earth. I am sad to say they are not. What about the Ornithomimosauria? You don’t know what Dinosaur that is? Don’t worry most people don’t know about it or know how to pronounce it. Just know this Dinosaur is one of the fastest Dinosaurs. It also happens to resemble the modern day Ostrich.

So which Dinosaur are we going to race against? We are going to go with the king himself, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The reason being for choosing a Tyrannosaurus Rex is because they weren’t the slowest Dinosaur and they were one of the biggest Dinosaurs. Besides, a race between a Dodge and an Ornithomimosauria just did not have the same ring to it.

Which Dodge Can We Race?

For this epic hypothetical race, we could not choose a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Why would we choose a car we know will destroy a T-Rex in a race? Instead of choosing an obvious pick, we went with a car that will make you think, “This is actually a pretty good race.” What better car to go with than one of the slowest cars of 2013, the Dodge Dart Limited. The Dodge Dart is a very good car, however, it is very slow. It takes 9.9 seconds just to go from 0-60 mph. To put this into retrospect, it takes a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to go 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds.


Dodge Dart vs. T-Rex

This is actually a great matchup between Car and Dinosaur because the Dart and the T-Rex both weigh a lot. They are both incredibly slow in comparison to other cars and other Dinosaurs. The only difference between the two is the Dodge Dart is a normal sized sedan and the T-Rex is the size of some Chipotle’s. At about 40 feet long and 20 feet tall, the T-Rex is a mammoth competitor against the puny Dodge Dart.

The 2013 Dodge Dart Limited is 3600 pounds which is one of the reasons why the car is as slow as it is. A T-Rex on the other hand, has been known to be around 18,000 pounds. Literally the T-Rex weight is equivalent to 5 Dodge Darts.

The top speed of the 2013 Dodge Dart Limited is 120 mph. The car is limited by the governor, of course. The top speed of a T-Rex is 18 mph. What can we say, he didn’t catch his predators by the being the fastest of the bunch.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex’s stride, depending on how tall and long the Dinosaur is can get upwards to 30-40 feet. If the T-Rex’s stride happened to be 40 feet, it would take only 132 strides just to get to one mile. Could you imagine going to the gym, hopping on a treadmill, and jog for only 132 strides? The average male’s stride is only 7 feet 9 inches!

The Winner Is…

So, to answer the question everyone has been dying to know. Can one of the slowest cars of 2013, the Dodge Dart, beat a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a quarter mile race? By a Land Slide. Even though the T-Rex has incredible strides, it simply came up short to a machine. Calculating the T-Rex stride and the top speed of the beast, it would take the T-Rex around 50 seconds to finish a quarter mile race. The 2013 Dodge Dart Limited, as slow as it is, looks like a Bugatti in comparison to the T-Rex. Bringing in a time of 16.0 seconds in a quarter mile, the Dodge Dart is clearly the winner.

What have we learned from all of this? Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex in particular, would hate to chase us down in the cars of today. It is safe to say a Dinosaur wouldn’t catch up to you while you drive unless you run into traffic.

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Why are Toyota Engines So Good

toyota-engineReliability? When talking about cars, Toyota engines always come to mind. Not only just Toyota engines, but all Toyota vehicles in general. Whenever you turn to one of your friends and ask, “Hey man, what should my next car be? I am trying to save money but I need a car that gets good gas mileage.” And their reply usually will sound like this: “Oh dude, you need to get like anything Toyota. Maybe a Camry or a Corolla?”

Maybe not all conversations will sound exactly like the hypothetical one we just read. The only part of the hypothetical conversation people could probably relate to is someone referring them to buy a Toyota. Why would someone say this though? You could probably walk up to the next 5 people you see at Starbucks right now and ask them this question, “I want to buy a new car but want to save money on gas.” What do you think their answer will be? You probably won’t hear someone say something ridiculous like a lifted Ford F350 with tires the size of the Moon. At least one of those people will recommend you to buy a Toyota. It is so engraved in our heads how cost-efficient and reliable a Toyota is because of their track record of being a solid vehicle all the way around. And it’s all Toyotas not just some Toyotas. You never really hear, “Man this Toyota just costs so much in gas!” The reason why you never really hear that is because no one ever will ever say such a thing. Except for a Toyota Tundra. For the sake of this blog, a Toyota Tundra does not count.

Reliable Toyota Engines
Writing for SWEngines, you start to become curious about which engines people get more quotes on or even which engines are sold the most. With no surprise, Toyota Engines are not the most quoted or most sold engines. Toyota recently became the first automobile manufacturer to produce more than 10 million vehicles a year. If that is not impressive enough, they have produced over 200 million vehicles throughout the history of their company. If this incredible statistic does not display the reliability of Toyota Engines, what will?

Buying Used Toyota Engines
Buying a used Toyota engine as a way to replace your current vehicle’s engine is more prominent now-a-days than it ever has been. Thanks to incredible manufacturers like Toyota, their long lasting and reliable parts make it easier on people having to make the decision between buying a new car or save money buying a used engine a lot simpler. Buying a used engine through SWEngines is extremely simple. If you have never been to our site, there is an Instant Quote Form at the top left of the page. All you have to do is fill in your vehicles year, make, model, engine, and email address!

Why are Toyota Engines so good? There really is a lot to say about Toyota as a brand. Let us just appreciate their incredible product of which is making millions of people around the world more than satisfied.

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Used Honda Engines

Honda Motor Company is the largest Japanese manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, as well as lawn mowers, trimmer, generators and other power equipment. Honda thinks of themselves as a “Motor” manufacturer more so than an automobile manufacturer. Honda isn’t the largest manufacturer of automobiles in Asia. In fact, they are the 8th largest automobile manufacturer in the World and the 4th largest Asian automobile manufacturer behind Toyota, Hyundai Motor Group, and Nissan respectively. Even though Honda itself is the 8th largest automobile manufacturer in the world, the satisfaction and reliability people around the world have found with Honda engines cannot be measured.

Types of Honda Engines Available

The most popular displacement of a used Honda engine are the 4-cylinder models. Most of the “international” models such as the Civic, Accord, and the CR-V run on 4-cylinder engines. Other “international” models such as the Legend run on a 5-cylinder engine. Some Accords also run on 5-cylinder engines. These Accords tend to be newer and more powerful ones.

Honda is best known for their innovative VTEC engines they developed themselves. VTEC stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control which is simply a system in which to improve the efficiency of four-stroke combustion engines. The difference between VTEC and VVT (Variable Valve Timing) is the VTEC engines ability to change the camshaft profile or valve lift. The VTEC uses two camshaft profiles to be able to select between profiles.

Used Honda Engines Models

SWEngines provides most models of Honda used engines from the years 1990-2014. Most Honda engines from select models can be found from the list below.

  • Accord
  • Civic
  • Crosstour
  • CR-V
  • CR-Z
  • Del Sol
  • Element
  • Fit
  • Insight
  • Odyssey
  • Passport
  • Pilot
  • Prelude
  • Ridgeline
  • S2000

Buying Used Honda Engines

Buying Honda engines has gotten a lot easier of the years. Now-a-days, it is less hassle to find a used engine for low prices and low mileage rather than find a used car to replace your broken down vehicle. SWEngines offers an Online Instant Quote Tool in which offers instant pricing, availability and mileage of Honda engines from the list above.

If you are ever unsure about which engine is under the hood of your Honda, feel free to talk to one of our ASE Certified Representatives at 866-319-1058. They will be able to assist you in finding the engine that will fit in your Honda.

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Used Chevy Engines for Sale

chevy-used-engineUsed Chevrolet Engines have been one of the most demanded makes at SWEngines for over three decades now. Chevrolet’s domestic background give them a couple of traits they are known best for; Reliability and Power. Chevrolet Engines have been running under our hoods now for over a century and they are still putting out a reliable product year in and year out. From the Colorado to the Silverado, the Camaro to the Corvette, Chevy has been stamped by America as their go to American manufactured make.

Reliable Chevy Used Engines

SWEngines can attribute success to the Chevy brand for the ability to manufacture engines that are not only powerful, but reliable as well. Since we are in the “Eco-friendly” era, Chevy vehicles like the Volt are getting more popular by the year for their extremely reliable and efficient engines. That’s right, Chevrolet, as of late is more than just 6.0L Silverado and Corvette engines. In fact, Chevrolet shows on their website how efficient the Volt is by displaying electric miles driven, total miles driven, and the total gallons of fuel saved in total for all Chevrolet Volts. http://www.chevrolet.com/volt-electric-car.html#

Types of Chevrolet Used Engines

Chevrolet offers many models in which SWEngines stocks nearly all the 1990 through 2014 engines. Some, but not all of the Chevrolet models we carry are:

  • Avalanche
  • Aveo
  • Camaro
  • Caprice
  • Cavalier
  • Cobalt
  • Colorado
  • Corvette
  • Cruze
  • Equinox
  • Impala
  • Lumina
  • Malibu
  • Monte Carlo
  • S10 Pickup
  • Silverado
  • Suburban
  • Tahoe
  • Trailblazer
  • Traverse
  • Uplander
  • Venture
  • Volt

Why choose a Used Chevy Engine From SWEngines?

Choosing to buy a used Chevy Engine is a worthwhile investment due to the reliability and cost efficiency of Chevy Engines. At SWEngines, our mantra is we sell used engines for low prices with the lowest mileage we can find. By filling out an instant quote form, you too could look into our Chevy Engines. When filling out the instant quote form, it will display the price and mileage of your particular engine.

Speaking of reliability, we offer a Free 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty on all of our Chevrolet used engines for sale. SWEngines makes it easier for you to buy a Chevy Used Engine.

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Ford Used Engines

ford-engineFord Motor Company is one of the most well-known companies around the world for the past century along with past and present divisions Mercury and Lincoln. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, he founded the Ford Motor Company on the building blocks of performance and innovation. Performance and innovation go hand and hand with the engines that have evolved out of Ford over the past century. Muscle car legend the Mustang. The most popular truck of the past 30 years, the F150! And one of the most popular Hybrids of the past decade, the Ford Focus, are all one of if not the most innovative cars of their class.

Ford Used Engines Performance

SWEngines is a lot like Ford in the way both companies are bridging the gap between efficiency and performance. Each year, Ford finds ways to decrease their prices on the newest vehicles each year while trying to improve the gas efficiency and performance. SWEngines, in comparison to their competitors, offers used Ford engines for low prices and low mileage. Free shipping is also offered on all used Ford engines within the 48 continental states of the USA*. SWEngines benefits from Ford’s innovation from the high demand to acquire Ford engines.

Used Ford Engines Models


SWEngines has almost every engine for Ford models between the years 1990-2014. Some of the present and past Ford models include

  • Aerostar
  • Bronco
  • Crown Victoria
  • Edge
  • Escape
  • Escort
  • Expedition
  • Explorer
  • F150
  • F250
  • F350
  • Fiesta
  • Flex
  • Focus
  • Ford GT
  • Fusion
  • Mustang
  • Probe
  • Ranger
  • Taurus
  • Tempo
  • Thunderbird
  • Windstar

Buying Used Ford Engines

Buying and locating a Ford Used Engine is easier than buying the vehicle itself! All one has do to acquire the price, mileage and availability of an engine is to simply fill out our Online Instant Quote Form prominently located on the home page. Fill out your vehicles year, make, model, engine type, and provide an email address. You will be sent to our Instant Quote page and receive a quote email within minutes.

All Used Ford engines are offered our industry leading 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty. For more information about our Warranty, Terms and Conditions, please check out our dedicated SWEngines Warranty Page.

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Used Engines for Sale – SWEngines

Used Engines For SaleSWEngines is the Nation’s Leading Retailer of Used Engines. We have a vast inventory of Used Engines ranging from Domestic makes such as Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Cadillac, to just name a few. We also offer imported makes from Honda, Nissan, Acura, Toyota, just to name a few. Our inventory of most makes between the years 1990 and 2014 is the most up to date inventory where you get current pricing as well as low mileage for your particular make and model.

How to find a Used Engine

Finding a used engine is easy.  Simply fill out our Online Instant Quote Form located prominently on the page to get your pricing, mileage and availability for your quoted engine. Simply fill out the year, make, model of your vehicle and email. If you are unsure about what exactly your “8th Digit” of your VIN is or what engine you have entirely, feel free to talk to one of our ASE Certified Representatives at 866-319-1958. Our ASE Certified Representatives are more than helpful in getting you the right engine the first time!


Used Engine Warranty

When you invest your hard earned money into one of our used engines, we want you to feel safe with your purchase and the trust you are putting in us. SWEngines ensures customer confidence when buying or even considering buying one of our engines is our Industry Leading 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty. This 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty is offered on ALL used engines for sale at SWEngines, free.

Shipping Used Engines

One of our Frequently Asked Questions on our social media outlets is, how long does our engine take to ship out? And how much does it cost to ship to where you live?

To answer the first question, depending on volume and weather, our engines can take up to 7-14 business days to be shipped to you. In some cases, people will even get their engines before the 7 business days. And believe it or not, shipping is FREE to the 48 continental states of the USA. There are separate shipping fees to Alaska and Hawaii as well as $75 residential fee to your home or select boroughs within the New York City area.

Now that we have told you all about what SWEngines has to offer, it is time for you to visit our site and fill out an instant quote form!

We hope to get you back on the road driving your vehicle in no time!

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Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 6.2L Hemi Engine

The Challenger SRT’s 6.2L Engine
The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is one of the most anticipated American Muscle Cars as of late. The main reason is Dodge’s huge claim of deeming the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat the most powerful American Muscle Car of all time! The Hellcat is powered by a 6.2L engine claiming a monumental 707 horsepower.

One of the most ingenious features the 6.2L Hemi Engine offers is the so-called “Air Catcher” cool-air intake. While this may not be a new idea for engines with a lot of horsepower, the way Dodge implements the “Air Catcher” is as stealthy as it is innovative. The driver-side’s inner head lamp is simply a port with LED’s around the opening in the head lamp to give the illusion of being a light. The purpose of the “Air Catcher” is to be able to create a cool-air intake opening for the 8.0L airbox behind the driver-side head lamp. (more…)

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6.0L Chevy Used Engines

LS2 2005 6.0L V-8 (LS2) for Corvette. X05PT_8C008

From 1999-2007, the Chevrolet 6.0 Liter V8 engine was one of the most versatile engines produced. Some of the vehicles which are equipped with the Chevy 6.0 L engines include the Silverado, Suburban, and Corvette. Of course as some may know and others not, some GMC’s such as the Yukon Denali, also are equipped with the Chevrolet 6.0L engine. Similar to LS1 engines, the Chevrolet 6.0L engine was designed to be an in-between small/big blocks in Trucks. The Chevy 6.0L engine offered more power which helped the first generation Chevy Silverado be classified as a top of the line Pickup Truck. (more…)

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Ford F150 5.4L 3V Triton Engines


Ford F-Series Trucks as a whole, remains the most popular trucks and most sold trucks in America today. The best-selling F-Series Truck of course, being the F-150, can be deemed as America’s Truck of Choice. In fact, the F-150 happens to be not only the best-selling truck in the United States, but the best-selling vehicle in the United States almost every year for the past 30 years. F-150’s reliability, best in towing, and now-a-days luxurious take on trucks separate them from the rest of the pickup truck competition. F-150’s also come in many trim levels such as the Luxurious Platinum, Western Influenced King Ranch, Power Driven Lariat, XL, XLT and many other trims that Ford offers. (more…)

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Replacing Your Engine vs. Buying a Car

Toyota Used Engine

Your reliable car engine for years has finally driven its last mile. Now all you can think about is how much money it will cost to fix it. Eventually, you might think; is the car even salvageable at this point? Should I put a down payment on a new or used car?  You are hit with the nostalgia of how reliable your car was, memories made with family and friends and the idea of letting your old reliable car go is as bad as the dead engine itself.  However, there is a way to preserve your beloved car while preserving the money in your wallet as well! You come across SWEngines.com where you can buy a used low mileage engine. You can save immensely in comparison to taking to the dealership or chancing it with your local mechanic whom will buy the most available “cheapest” engine they can find.


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