2011 Audi TT V6 3.2 Liter Engine

2011 Audi TT V6 3.2 Liter Engine

The Audi TT V6 3.2 liter engine was a technological marvel from inception. True to Audi’s mantra Vorsprung durch Technik translated from the German to mean progress through technology the Audi TT V6 3.2 liter engine evolved from a basic need to revolutionize a class of car. The six-cylinder was once the domain of high-performance and large luxury sedans, however it took the Volkswagen Group, of which Audi is a part, to engineer such a motor to fit into the engine bay of the traditional compact car with a front wheel drive layout. Traditional six-cylinder engines conform to either an in-line or more compact V piston design layout. In 1991 the VR6 was the breakthrough that rewrote the automobile engine technical books.

This engine is not the normal V layout where the cylinders are arranged at either a 60 or 90 degree angle, but is the unique staggered design where they’re instead at a compact 15 degree angle. This makes the Audi TT V6 3.2 liter engine smallest production V6 on sale. The reason for such an effort was to offer drivers both the performance of a large displacement motor alongside V6 refinement, a target met with ease, when the Audi TT V6 3.2 liter engine made its 2004 debut.

With an output of 250bhp at 6300rpm back up with 236 lb/ft or torque available at a low 2800 allowed it to easily reach electronically limited speeds of 155mph. Depending on the drivetrain the Audi TT V6 3.2 liter engine was paired with, the benchmark 60mph could be reached ranging from 6.7 to 5.5 seconds.


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