2011 Audi TTS 4-Cyl 2.0 Turbo Engine

2011 Audi TTS 4-Cyl 2.0 Turbo Engine

A two liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine might seem unusual for German luxury automaker Audi, but a quick dip into their history can easily illustrate why their Audi TTS 4-Cyl 2.0 Turbo Engine won both the Engine of the Year and the International Engine of the Year award, the former three times and the latter five. Rallying history will forever list the Audi Quattro as a game changer. On the technical side it cemented Audi’s mastery of small displacement motors and turbocharging.

The decades of experience have resulted in the Audi TTS 4-Cyl 2.0 turbo engine being packed with a host of technology. The motor’s TFSI designation showcases the two main elements that made it a winner on all fronts. This engine was the first in production to combine both turbocharging (T) and a Direct Injection Fuel system (FSI). Running a KKK K03 turbocharger at 1.2 bar of boost produces 272bhp and more importantly 258 lb/ft of torque spread from 2500rpm to 5000rpm. Such high figures from only 2 liters of displacement is only overshadowed by the performance numbers generated of 0-60mph in 5 seconds flat and an electronically limited 155mph.

That’s not the only trick in the engine. Older small displacement turbo motors are famous for their poor fuel economy, and lagging performance affecting throttle response. These negatives don’t exist for the this turbo engine due to FSI, where fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber, allowing more efficient fuel economy to the tune of a real world tested 29mpg, and a high compression ratio of 10.5:1 for excellent off throttle manners. Any further harshness is soaked up by built in balance shafts rotating at double the Audi TTS 4-Cyl 2.0 turbo engine crankshaft speed.


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