Regula Kits For Audi Motors

Regula Kits For Audi Motors

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Enhance Perfection in Your New or Used Motors from Audi With the Regula Exclusive R8 V10


Since 2008, connoisseurs of new Audis and used motors from Audi, have had the opportunity to experience the performance excellence and absolutely unbelievable beauty of the Audi R8. With its unique sheeting contours and exterior lighting, the R8 stands-out on the road and delivers unparallelled driver satisfaction.

Regula Tuning offers an aesthetic and performance package that will launch your Audi experience into the realm of the “fast and furious.” This upgrade kit will turn your R8 into a model with head-turning features and stunning uniqueness.

R8 coupe and roadster models, with new and used motors, can be transformed into “super-sports” with this comprehensive upgrade made from quality aramid materials. Along with front and rear bumper highlights, grill expansions, and side spoilers; the 2012 Regula Exclusive Audi R8 V10 kit provides unique performance transitory parts as well.

The two main performance features will divide normal Audis from their super-charged cousins. The first of the features are segregated front and rear patented Oxigen Wheels. Front wheels measure 8.5 inches in width, while the rear wheels measure 11 inches. These wheels create the illusion of an “honest-to-goodness” road rocket powered by the patented R8 drive train. The second performance addition is a conversion from the world class R8 engine into a V10 with up to 560 Hp. Along with the engine refinement, a tuning chip is installed to manage the incredible power and handling that this kit provides.

With the 2012 Regula Exclusive Audi R8 V10 kit, Audi owners can transform their ordinary R8 into a spectacle all other Audi owners will be envious of. That is, if there was anything about the Audi R8 that was ordinary!


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