2011 BMW 335 6-Cyl Twin Turbo Diesel Engine

2011 BMW 335 6-Cyl Twin Turbo Diesel Engine

BMW has long been a proponent of fuel efficiency. A fact easily seen by the company’s Efficient Dynamics program and while there are those that believe diesel power is best left to industrial equipment this has not stopped BMW from trailblazing the field. The  BMW 335 6-Cyl Twin Turbo Diesel Engine has its history from the 80s when BMW committed to diesel technology setting such benchmarks as introducing the world’s first EFI diesel motor in 1987. In 1991 and again in 2000 it led the way with the most powerful diesels passenger production motors. In 1998 BMW showed that diesel didn’t have to stand in the way of performance when it won the Nurburgring 24hr with a 320d.

Containing the passion to ensure that their slogan ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ stood tall whether powered by gasoline or diesel fuel meant it was little surprise when the feature packed BMW 335 6-Cyl Twin Turbo Diesel Engine was named one of Ward’s 10 best engines of 2010.

Outputting 265bhp and an astonishing 425 lb/ft of torque it sets records with a 0-60 sprint of 6 seconds marking the 335d as the most six cylinder passenger sedan in the world. The performance figures are only outclassed by the 580 mile range on a single tank of fuel. The key to all this is the turbo technology which uses sequential turbochargers, each fed by separate banks of three cylinders. The units themselves contain Variable Nozzle Technology where airflow into the turbo compressor is regulated in relation to the throttle for optimum response. The BMW 335 6-Cyl Twin Turbo Diesel Engine also benefits from the application of direct fuel injection.



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