2011 BMW 335 6-Cyl Twin Turbo Engine

2011 BMW 335 6-Cyl Twin Turbo Engine

Engines are possibly the most important parts of a vehicle. The engine provides the vehicle with power and supports the proper functioning of the vehicle. It is therefore important for drivers to have an awareness of the engine they use. Motorists who purchase the 2011 BMWs will likely find that they have been outfitted with the BMW 335 6-Cyl twin turbo engine. The BMW 335i convertible is one vehicle in which this engine may be found.

Engine Properties

The engine is a petrol one and has six-cylinders. This means it has six pistons as against the typical four. The six cylinder technology means that it provides 50 percent more power than a four cylinder engine.

Twin Turbo Technology

This is one of the perks of the BMW 335 6-Cyl twin turbo engine. It is equipped with twin turbo technology. This facilitates the accomplishment and maintenance of exceptional performance. This performance is equally impressive across the complete range of engine speeds.

Six Cylinder Power

The smooth power delivery of the straight six cylinder gives a hint as to the intense power resources of this engine. The engine facilitates a smooth transition in speed from rest to 100 kilometers per hour within 5.8 seconds. This swift smooth transition is achievable because of the engine’s 306 horse powers of energy.

Fuel Efficiency

The engine is an economical one where fuel is concerned. Drivers get bang for their buck since high precision injection allows for remarkable responsiveness combined with amazing fuel efficiency.

In essence therefore, this engine is every driver’s dream. It provides a satisfactory combination of performance efficiency and cost effectiveness that will make the typical motorist smile.



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