2011 BMW 535 6-Cyl. Twin Turbo Engine

2011 BMW 535 6-Cyl. Twin Turbo Engine

The BMW 535 6-Cyl. twin turbo engine released in the year 2011 boasts several impressive features. It incorporates six cylinder technology, twin turbo technology, high precision injection and Valvetronic in order to produce intense power and impressive response safely.

Six Cylinder Technology

The BMW 535 6-Cyl. twin turbo engine boasts six cylinder technology. This allows it to produce 50 percent more power than a typical four cylinder engine. This speaks volumes about the amount of power emitted by this engine.

Twin Turbo

This means that the engine is turbocharged. Additionally is has two turbochargers that compress the intake charge. This allows for the smooth operation of the engine since it helps to produce power more speedily than a typical single turbo engine.

High Precision Injection

This feature of the engine helps to make the combustion process more efficient. BMW makers boast of this feature as an innovative direct fuel injection system. Additionally, this feature makes the engine an economical one in terms of consumption of fuel. All this is achieved while boosting the performance of the vehicle within which it is housed.


Valvetronic is a technology unique to BMW. It is used as a substitute for the customary throttle butterfly. It utilizes an electronic mechanism to control the amount of lift that each intake valve accomplishes on each cylinder. In combination with high precision injection, this feature helps to create an output of 225 kilowatts or 306 horse power.

This engine is bound to drive motorists wild with excitement. It offers safety, precision, fuel economy and power in a manner that will make its purchase worthwhile.



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