The Appeal of the 2011 BMW 550 V8 4.8 Liter Engine

The Appeal of the 2011 BMW 550 V8 4.8 Liter Engine

Engines are typically designed to facilitate the reliability of a vehicle and its capacity to perform. The BMW 550 V8 4.8 liter engine is no different in this regard. In fact, it actually stands out. This engine facilitates the performance of the 2011 version of the BMW 5 series within which it is typically found. The engine aids in the creation of a reputation for being the best in the series.

Engine Features

The 2011 BMW 550 V8 4.8 Liter Engine is similar to the 4.4 liter V8 housed in the sedan version of the 7 series. The similarity lies in the fact that it has twin turbo direct injection.

Engine Capacities

This powerful engine has 400 horsepower of potential energy. Additionally it comprises 450 pound per feet of torque. These engine features allow the vehicle to produce a rush of power when the throttle pedal is depressed.

The vehicle is reputed by its makers to possess the capacity of quick acceleration to as much as 60 miles per hour after moving from a state of rest.

Fuel Economy

The engine is carries a reasonable fuel economy. This is so since the BMW 550 V8 4.8 Liter Engine has automatic transmission and is rated at 20mpg in the combined rankings of the EPA.

Eight Speed Automatic Transmission

The BMW 550 V8 4.8 liter engine benefits from its possession of automatic transmission. The eight speed automatic transmission is a new innovation of the BMW engine designers. It helps the vehicle to drive well.

The BMW 550 V8 4.8 liter engine is, in essence a valuable component of the vehicle. Its owners have much to boast about and even more to feel excited about.



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