2011 BMW 650 V8 4.8 Liter Engine

2011 BMW 650 V8 4.8 Liter Engine

Nothing says luxury better than a big, sexy car and the BMW 650i has a driving pedigree to be lived up to, a pedigree that has called upon BMW’s long running expertise with V8 motors. The BMW 650 V8 4.8 Liter Engine comes from a long line of historic V8s starting in 1954 when they introduced the world’s first production V8 made out of lightweight aluminum.

The current generation of V8, developed in 2002, was an instant technical hit, taking the International Engine of the year’s Best New Engine award as well as the above 4-liter category. With 360bhp at 6300rpm and a matching 360lb/ft of torque at 3400rpm on tap to accelerate the Coupe to 60mph in 5.1 seconds, this performance can be experienced with the BMW 650 V8 4.8 Liter Engine and its host of technologies. The two key ones being Valvetronic and double VANOS.

The BMW 650 V8 4.8 Liter Engine Valvetronic system works by eliminating the need for a throttle butterfly, a world first when introduced, and uses direction action with the intake valves to regulate airflow into the cylinders. The benefits to the V8 are a freer breathing motor, higher fuel efficiency and low emissions. It also allows the engine to maximize performance regardless of fuel grade being used. Double-VANOS operates on the both the intake and exhaust camshafts using oil pressure to aid in horsepower and torque production based on throttle position while further providing lower emissions, increased fuel economy, and overall a better quality of engine livability.

Nothing less is expected from the BMW and V8 families.



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