2011 BMW 750 V8 4.4L Twin Turbo Engine

2011 BMW 750 V8 4.4L Twin Turbo Engine

On the surface it seems like perfect symmetry, a displacement of 4.4 liters in a V8 layout. Add in twin turbochargers and the numbers divisible by two give the BMW 750 V8 4.4L Twin Turbo Engine an eerie sense of flawlessness. And why shouldn’t it have such a trait, as it is another in a long line of high-tech V8 engines from BMW since it started putting them on the world stage in 1954.

Like its predecessors, the motor contains aluminum in its construction. The BMW 750 V8 4.4L Twin Turbo Engine has a full aluminum engine block reducing weight and heightens balance regardless of what BMW bonnet it finds use under. Lightweight isn’t the only plus as the engineers made sure to develop the engine as compact as possible, a feat necessary due to the complexities of turbocharging a V8. Pulling from their long term turbo-diesel knowledge, the engine has a unique central layout for the both turbochargers, placing them between the V formed by the banks of cylinders. This reduces plumbing while enhancing efficiency. The proximity on the other hand increases heat and this is managed by using air-to-water inter-coolers than can reduce intake charge from the turbochargers to below ambient temperatures, unlike the traditional air-to-air set up. BMW’s Direct Fuel Injection system is also implemented to increase response and frugality.

In the nose of the 750 sedan 60mph comes up with ease in 5.1 seconds and allows effortless cruising to speeds of over 150mph. Performance numbers the BMW 750 V8 4.4L Twin Turbo Engine can post due to its 407bhp and massive 450lb/ft of torque spread from 1750rpm to 4500rpm.



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