2011 BMW Z4 6-Cyl. Twin Turbo Engine

2011 BMW Z4 6-Cyl. Twin Turbo Engine

The BMW Z4 6-Cyl. Twin Turbo Engine, used to power the 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is, is the most powerful Z4 that is currently available. The three-liter, double overhead cam, twin-turbocharged, inline six-cylinder, gasoline engine sports up to 335 hp and 332 lb-ft. of torque at 5,900 rpm with a nominal torque of 332 lb-ft from 1,500 rpm to 4,500 rpm. The Z4 has similar characteristics as the 7-speed Double-Clutch automatic transmission as well as the twin-scroll turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six chamber engine.

This BMW 6-cylinder engine features innovative Valvetronic technology. In order to release more power with the same standard of efficiency known to BMW, the 6-cylinder engine allows an increase in the intake of air as well as an increase in boost pressure. The combination of twin low-mass turbochargers and High Precision direct injection offers a performance that a naturally-aspirated engine would only be able to provide if it possessed more cylinders and a larger displacement. This translates to higher weight and a much greater fuel consumption.

The BMW Z4 6-Cyl. Twin Turbo Engine boasts an electronically-controlled overboost function; the purpose being to give the car a temporary yet significant increase in acceleration. This is done by momentarily increasing the torque under full load by another 37 lb-ft. or 50 Newton-metres, making the newly increased torque now 389 lb-ft. or 500 Newton-metres

Other enhancements of the BMW Z4 6-Cyl. Twin Turbo Engine include a signature sound pattern, developed by sound engineering, which compliment its outstanding power.



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