Current Thinking on Electric Cars

Current Thinking on Electric Cars

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The BMW i3 is a game-changer in electric cars


Electric cars currently make up over 150,000 vehicles on the road in the U.S. There is a small but vocal support for alternative fuel cars. However the Department of Energy goal to have one million in use by 2015 does not seem likely. Manufacturers, consumers and technology experts have stated several reasons for the resistance of owning electric and hybrid cars.

  • Manufacturers are still rolling out standard gasoline models – and putting their advertising behind them.
  • Infrastructural like fuel stations are not as familiar or plentiful.
  • Most electric cars are more expensive than a used car or used engine.
  • Loans for electric cars may be harder to obtain.
  • There is a impression that insurance premiums will be higher.
  • Many mechanics do not advertise if they accept electrics, so customers assume they do not.
  • The technology is relatively new, so many believe it has too many “glitches” to work efficiently.

There are some serious questions and concerns regarding electric cars on the minds of consumers and policy makers. Most of these are really just a matter of exposure. The longer electric vehicles are on the road, the more interest they will generate. Here are some ways that the car enthusiasts and the general population can help.

  • Do some research and contact manufacters about your interest in their newest electric model. Even if they do not have one this will show consumer demand.
  • Find out where your area electric charging stations are. There are nearly 7,000 public stations in the U.S.
  • Less expensive electrics are still pricey but could be a good investment as fuel costs continue to rise.
  • With the many car dealers doing loans and insurance carriers the chances of finding a great deal are still good no matter what car you drive.
  • Ask if your current mechanic will service electrics and suggest they advertise this if they already do or plan to start.
  • Despite being several decades old, most do not understand the technology behind electric cars. Experts at are knowledgeable about all types of engines. You can also ask local mechanics, electric vehicle dealer or research the Web.

With the cost of fuel rising and the quality of a used engine becoming more of a concern on the resale market, an electric car deserves some attention.

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