Secrets of the BMW M3 and M4 Engine Revealed

Secrets of the BMW M3 and M4 Engine Revealed


Shot of the New BMW M4 Test Drive



Psst! Want to see some of the secrets behind BMWs newest ultimate driving machine? Pay close attention and you’ll see what goes into the making of a legendary automobile. BMW has a long history of automotive greatness and the new M engine continues that tradition.


Several things have been changed since the last generation of the M engine. Some of the changes include:


1. A twin-turbo straight six replaces the 8-cylinder engine
2. Torque has been increased significantly
3. The engine is lighter
4. BMW’s introduced an induction process using two low-inertia turbochargers
5. Closed deck design adds rigidity
6. Spray coating instead of traditional cylinder bore liners reduces weight
7. A forged crankshaft and lightweight pistons to reduce rotating masses
8. Improved in-gear acceleration
9. Added a magnesium sump
10. Engines reserves are channeled to the rear wheels
11. Engine is mounted longitudinally


These changes have led to a new engine that’s radically different internally, with respect to induction processes and in construction. Don’t tell anyone, but this engine will usher in a whole new world relative to BMW engines. The new engine is lighter, goes from 0 to 60 almost 5 seconds faster, is more powerful and provides better gas mileage.


See those engineers over there smiling. They have just improved the torque loading of the new engine by 70%. This is one of the most important changes. It has improved performance significantly. You will feel the difference when you take it to the street and experience the improved in-gear acceleration. Unfortunately it’s only allowed go 155 mph on the streets.


Look at that longitudinally mounted new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine. They’ve used a patented induction process which employs two low-inertia turbochargers. These increase the boost pressure 18.9 psi. The engine also has a closed deck design. This improves rigidity. When combined with the new forged crankshaft, spray coating instead of cylinder bore liners and lightweight pistons, it makes the engine lighter and the throttle respond quicker.


The engine looks smaller that the old M3 doesn’t it? They’ve retired the 8-cylinder engine and replaced it with an in-line 6. Yet the new M engine offers 10 more horsepower than the old one. No it’s not magic. The new induction process increases combustion efficiency and power while reducing rpm. Try to find a used engine.


The BMW engineers have fixed something automotive enthusiasts didn’t think was broken.



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