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Nothing says German engineering than the BMW 328 6-Cyl. 3.0 Liter Engine. The inline six has been a hallmark of BMW’s vehicles, offering performance and luxurious, effortless cruising that only the naturally harmonious six cylinder layout can provide. Different countries have automotive culture. Whereas the Japanese squeeze technology into small ... Read More
April 11, 2011Anthony Luna


On the surface it seems like perfect symmetry, a displacement of 4.4 liters in a V8 layout. Add in twin turbochargers and the numbers divisible by two give the BMW 750 V8 4.4L Twin Turbo Engine an eerie sense of flawlessness. And why shouldn’t it have such a trait, ... Read More
April 8, 2011Anthony Luna


The BMW 650 V8 4.8 Liter Engine has its origin in the 1954 auto industry. This initial production of the V8 saw its structure being made of light weight aluminum. It has two notable performance technologies, Valvetronic and double VANOS. The Valvetronic system This innovative feature of the BMW 650 V8 ... Read More
April 7, 2011Anthony Luna


There are two competing thoughts in automotive circles. One is that there is no replacement for displacement. The other, espoused by those without engine size on their side, believe that there is: it’s called forced induction. So what would happen if both came together in a single package? The ... Read More
April 6, 2011Anthony Luna


The high performance version of the BMW 3 series is the BMW M3 V8 4.0 liter engine, which is sold in the convertible, coupe and sedan body styles. You may stop to ask yourself if this is really a sports car because it certainly doesn’t look like one! For ... Read More
April 5, 2011Anthony Luna


Engines are typically designed to facilitate the reliability of a vehicle and its capacity to perform. The BMW 550 V8 4.8 liter engine is no different in this regard. In fact, it actually stands out. This engine facilitates the performance of the 2011 version of the BMW 5 series ... Read More
April 4, 2011Anthony Luna


BMW has long been a proponent of fuel efficiency. A fact easily seen by the company’s Efficient Dynamics program and while there are those that believe diesel power is best left to industrial equipment this has not stopped BMW from trailblazing the field. The  BMW 335 6-Cyl Twin Turbo ... Read More
April 1, 2011Anthony Luna


Engines are possibly the most important parts of a vehicle. The engine provides the vehicle with power and supports the proper functioning of the vehicle. It is therefore important for drivers to have an awareness of the engine they use. Motorists who purchase the 2011 BMWs will likely find that ... Read More
March 31, 2011Anthony Luna


The BMW 128 6-Cyl. 3.0 Liter Engine is located in both the 2011 BMW 128 coupe and convertible. Both cars match in terms of performance but differ greatly in terms of style and purpose. And while both cars are head turners, the coupe has a more homely presence than ... Read More
March 30, 2011Anthony Luna


The BMW Z4 6-Cyl. Twin Turbo Engine, used to power the 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is, is the most powerful Z4 that is currently available. The three-liter, double overhead cam, twin-turbocharged, inline six-cylinder, gasoline engine sports up to 335 hp and 332 lb-ft. of torque at 5,900 rpm with a ... Read More
March 29, 2011Anthony Luna