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Fuel Injector



Cleaning Fuel Injectors

By: SWENGINES.COM I have driven and maintained all of my cars and have often talked about my various experiences amongst friends, chances are that either you have personally experienced it or have heard about someone who was ‘talked into’ getting a fuel injector cleaning service done by some convenience oil ... Read More
January 23, 2017Mike Haney



Why are Toyota Engines So Good

Reliability? When talking about cars, Toyota engines always come to mind. Not only just Toyota engines, but all Toyota vehicles in general. Whenever you turn to one of your friends and ask, “Hey man, what should my next car be? I ... Read More
December 10, 2014Anthony Luna


The Muppets!  Everyone looks forward to the Super Bowl and not just for the game but for the million dollar ads.  This year, Toyota's Super Bowl commercial will headline the renowned Muppets.  Right now, the teaser ad shows only Rowlf sitting in a Toyota Highlander back seat, yet we don't ... Read More
January 29, 2014Anthony Luna



Toyota Recalls

  In January, Toyota sent out a voluntary recall on over 1 million vehicles, from the Corolla, Corolla Matrix, and Pontiac Vibe to the Lexus IS.  They were recalled for various reasons, spanning from circuits shorting and making airbags expand prematurely to windshield wipers not being tight enough to function properly.   While ... Read More
February 13, 2013Anthony Luna