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It is common knowledge that when vehicles have been used for several years, then howsoever good or expensive your car or truck or pickup has been, it would need more frequent and often expensive repairs on the engine and transmission. At one stage, you do decide that instead of going ... Read More
December 7, 2016Anthony Luna



2016, F-150 VS Chevy Silverado

For 39 years straight, the Ford F-150 is still America's best-selling pickup truck - but that doesn't mean the Silverado is not a worthy opponent. Engines The F-150's small-displacement, forced-induction engines offer better fuel economy. Of the engine options, 2 turbocharged and a  3.5-liter V-6 is the base engine.,The 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 ... Read More
November 28, 2016Anthony Luna



SWEngines Customer Review

"I just want to say to you and anyone that is considering buying from you guys to be totally confident that you are making the right choice. Pay the extra money, wait the extra few days and get the right engine!" - Chris T. , Texas ‪#‎reviews‬ ‪#‎swengines‬ ‪#‎usedengines‬
June 17, 2016Anthony Luna


June 17, 2009 - House & Senate reach tenative agreement on $106 Billion wartime spending bill which includes $1 billion for Cash for Clunkers bill.  This is the third major hurdle that the program has cleared and a vote will be taken on the wartime spending bill any day.  The ... Read More
December 30, 2015Anthony Luna



10 Fastest Cars on the Market

Most people drive cars to get from one place to another, but for a few, automobiles are more than a mode of transportation—they’re a source freedom, a way to express oneself in speed and sleekness. Unfortunately, this source of ... Read More
December 23, 2015Anthony Luna



Replacing Transmission Oil Seals

When your car is leaking transmission fluid, there are several places to check for faulty parts. The leak could be in the transmission pan, torque converter, pan gasket, fluid lines, or oil seals. Placing a traceable, glowing dye in your car’s ... Read More
November 11, 2015Anthony Luna


In this day and age, we are helplessly dependent on our automobiles. You may not even be conscious of how much you rely on your car. If tomorrow you couldn’t drive, what would your day look like? Would you ... Read More
October 14, 2015Anthony Luna



Crimewave of Clunkers

    Your car here for $400!  Around the end of last August, the legislation in St. Louis, MO, changed a bit.  But that little bit has had a dramatic impact. The government wanted to allow ... Read More
September 23, 2015Anthony Luna



On the Road Again

Greetings to our readers! We at Southwest Engines wanted to let you know that, despite our long hiatus, we are back up and moving along on our blog. We'll be getting you more information on new cars, old engines, car companies and automobile-related legislation that may affect you. Subjects we ... Read More
July 14, 2015Anthony Luna


  Leave it to the Japanese to win the award for "creativity" in automobiles; again! If you're wondering what a JDM car is, well the answer may be a bit confusing. JDM is an acronym for Japanese Domestic Market. Which means that cars are built in Japan and sold only in ... Read More
May 5, 2015Anthony Luna