The Most Powerful Engines: Chevy

The Most Powerful Engines: Chevy

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Chevy engines are power packed


Whenever it comes time to discuss a car’s statistics, the engine is the first place people turn. They want to know how much horsepower it has, how many cylinders, how much torque (even if they don’t know what torque does, they want to know), and all of the other associated information. When it comes to power plants though, the Chevy engine family fills up a surprising number of the heavy-hitters on anyone’s top ten list.


Making History

  • The Original Stove Bolt 6 Engine – was the first affordable six-cylinder engine.  The Stove Bolt 6 offered more horsepower than the Ford Model A, and that made it a better buy for many people looking for a little edge.


  • The Small Block V8 Engine – In 1955 Chevrolet did it again with this 265 cubic inch car heart that was good for 162 horsepower that could be bumped up by 18 more with the inclusion of a power pack. It was the power of this motor, along with the dual exhaust and the fin design, that became the symbol of the 1950s car culture.


  • The Aerovette 4 Wheel Rotary Engine – created in the 1970’s this engine was a revolutionary concept although it was never released onto the market.  Of course creating power out of thin air is something that Chevy has excelled at for some time now.

Modern Day Muscle

  • The LSX 454R Crate Engine – the most powerful engine the company has put out yet,  is available for those who are serious about burning rubber and shredding the speed limit. Putting out roughly 800 horsepower, enough to make even the big blocks of the past few years blush, and it can produce up to 600 foot pounds of torque. That’s no small achievement, even considering the sheer amount of cutting edge engineering that went into this engine.


  • The Voltec (or E-Flex)- a 16kWh liquid-cooled AC motor with a 1.4 liter in-line, 150 horsepower motor is another prime example of creating more power in a different way. In this instance Chevrolet decided to tackle the renewed interest in electric cars by designing a powerful engine for the Volt. Much as when Chevy started designing bigger, better engines for early gasoline-powered cars, its Volt technology has already become industry standard.


When it came to innovations in power, Chevy engines were early game changers.  Chevy engines haven’t stopped growing, and they’re still considered the top of the game when it comes to power under the hood.  Check out this video on the Chevy LSX454R Engine


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