Why Choose a Diesel Powered Engine?

Why Choose a Diesel Powered Engine?

used diesel engine

The diesel Chevy Cruze gets about 46 mpg/hwy with 151 horsepower!

Terrible emission levels have pushed diesel cars out of American showrooms and out of the minds of many car buyers. If you are an enthusiast, you may have wondered if diesel would ever make a comeback. Finally, clean diesels have been engineered to reduce emissions by 90 percent or more. VW has been the biggest clean diesel manufacturer for the last few years, but now Jeep and Chevy have jumped into the game. Clean diesels are offering a real incentive to go diesel. Regular and clean diesels share many advantages, including:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Longer Life
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Better Torque

Fewer Repairs, Longer Life
Diesel engines need less maintenance due to heavy duty parts and a lack of spark plugs & distributors. A used diesel engine can be repaired and sent back on the road to last another 100,000 miles. This also translates into a much longer life. One BMW clocked 900,000 miles. The promise of longevity is enough to keep resale values high.

More Energy, Better Fuel Economy
Denser than gasoline, diesel actually produces more energy per gallon than the extremely efficient gas engines on the market today. Just look at the biggest diesel manufacturer’s line-up. Car after car, VW diesels trounce the fuel economy of VW’s gas models.

Acceleration Prowess
Many fuel-efficient gas engines and hybrids sacrifice acceleration. That’s where diesel is really superior. The diesel Chevy Cruze gets 151 horsepower while enjoying a hybrid-worthy 46 mpg/highway. By comparison, similar cars are making do with 135 or less horsepower in order to achieve fuel economy. The Jeep Cherokee diesel manages 30 mpg/highway, while other SUVs make do with 23 or 25 mpg. This big guy gets 240 horsepower that is assisted by 420 lb-ft of torque.

used diesel engines

The Ford F350’s diesel engine can produce 720+ lbs of torque at the wheels

Power-train Pulling Power
Diesel is the go-to engine if you really want torque. Heavy duty trucks, like the Ford F350, rely on diesel to get them torque in the 700s. That’s torque at low speeds that would grind the gears on gas-powered drive-trains. Even a used diesel engine can outperform new gas-powered ones.

As cleaner technology moves diesel back into the mainstream, you will have more choices in terms of body styles. If you’ve been looking for a real alternative to hybrids, the answer is clean diesel. You get better horsepower, good fuel economy and diesel’s legendary longevity.


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