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Cars That Made It


We’re nearing the top of the count-up of the best-selling cars of 2012, and the suspense is building.  If you haven’t already seen the Cars.com list I’ve been using.  On to the next two!


4. Honda Accord


The Accord is a reliable and rewarding car to drive.  It has a solid fuel economy, getting 27/36 mpg, and runs on a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine.  MSRP starts at $21,680 for these Accords that have been re-built with new technology.  This includes drive-by-wire throttle systems, making the connection between the accelerator and throttle controlled by computer, and other such innovations.  Also available as a coupe.


3.  Toyota Camry


The Camry has long been the practical choice for a car, and last year’s new Camry, in its 7th iteration, has been no different.  The car did become nicer inside with the upgrade, and its 2.5L 4-cylinder engine more powerful.   Starting at MSRP $22,055,  the Camry maintained its 2011 position of 3rd most popular car of the year.


Tomorrow – the two absolute best-selling cars of 2012.


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