Continued Countdown

Continued Countdown


Following yesterday’s post on #9 and #10 of 2012’s top 10 cars, here are the next two on the list.


8.  Toyota Matrix*


The Matrix is a station wagon based on the popular Toyota Corolla, MSRP $19,275, mpg 26/32.  It has a roomy interior and runs on a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine, and has proved versatile with all manner of loads.  The exterior is built to be sporty and fresh, targeted at a younger audience.

*The list used says Toyota Corolla/Matrix and I felt that was a bit unclear, so I focused on the Matrix.


7.  Ram Trucks


Assuming this includes the entire range of trucks, they start at about $22,500 and run up to nearly $40,000.  These trucks are sold to be high-powered, good for towing or hauling large loads.  The engines are 4.7, 5.7, and 6.7 V8 engines, some running on diesel.  To be frank, with so many different models, it would be easier to research the Ram trucks on your own.


Those are the next two in the most popular 2012 lineup; come back tomorrow for more.


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