Take Care of Your Engine – Air Filter

Take Care of Your Engine – Air Filter

While we’re happy to help you find a used engine for your car, it’s nice to keep your engine running as long as possible.  Taking care of it saves lots of money down the road, and can even save on gas.  For example, if you keep your air filter clean, your engine will run more efficiently and improve your gas mileage.

Air Filters Let Your Engine Breathe

air filter

This is what keeps your engine from turning into a pool of oily silt.

Your air filter is what keeps you from breathing in dust on a country road.  And if you’d be hacking and coughing without that, imagine how your engine would react.  Your engine basically uses displaced air to run, and all of that gets pulled through the air filter.  Of course, adding impurities makes your engine less efficient and can even make it clog and break down entirely.  Therefore, making sure the air coming in is clean is extremely important.

Fortunately, while it may be important, it doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can change them yourself quite easily.  You should probably check your filter at least twice a year, particularly if you drive in dusty or dirty places.  A little bit of upkeep on this end will go a long way.


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