Take Care of Your Engine – Oil Changes

Take Care of Your Engine – Oil Changes

car with no engine

Your engine is important. You’re not commuting to work in this hot rod.

Your car’s engine is the important part of the car.  Sure, you wouldn’t move well without wheels, and it’s nice to have a place to sit and a way to steer, but without the engine, all you have is a souped-up soapbox derby car.  You may as well get the Flintstone’s car with its one-person power engine.  Your engine is what keeps your car going, but you need to make sure you keep it going.  How can you do this?


Check Your Oil


Car oil is what keeps your engine running smoothly.  Its main function is to lubricate the moving parts of the engine, but it also serves to clean your engine, prevent rust and corrosion, helps seal it, and keeps the engine cool by transferring heat.  This is due to the long molecules which make up the oil.

Old oil

Oil has become better, so you don’t have to change it every 3,000 miles any more.

However, over time, these molecules begin to break down and cease to do a good job of protecting your engine.  Therefore, the heat can rise, parts grind, and it could ruin your engine before you know it.  The oil can also turn into sludge that will cake up on your engine and could stop it from running at all.  To keep your engine safe, you should change the oil, and the oil filter, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, or generally every 7,500 miles or so.


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