Five of the Most Beloved Engines in the World

Five of the Most Beloved Engines in the World


Over the last 60 years, there have been hundreds of engines to debut onto the car market. However, some engines have proved to be more beloved that others. Check out five of the most successful car engines ever built.

used honda engine

Honda V-Tec Engine – quite popular in the street racing arena

Honda V-Tec Engine
When the Honda V-Tec engine first hit the streets, car enthusiasts were in awe of its lightweight design and high-revving power delivery. The best aspect of the Variable Valve Timing technology was its unmatched efficiency. Environmentalists also raved about the low pollution of the V-Tec engine. Even today, V-Tec engines are vastly popular in the street racing scene.


used lamborghini engine

Lamborghini V12 has a high rev cabaility

Lamborghini V12 Engine
Surprisingly, the V12 engine was the first engine ever produced by Lamborghini. Partly due to its 60 degree design, the V12 engine was able to rev at an unbelievable 9,000 revolutions per minute. The production engine was also capable of pumping out 280 brake horsepower, which was more than enough potency to impress drivers during that time period.


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Chevrolet Small Block Engine is known as one of the most versatile engines in history.

Chevrolet Small Block Engine
Chevrolet’s iconic V8 engine, popularly referred to as the “small block”, is toted as one of the most versatile engines in history. Many drivers were shocked that so much torque could be produced from such a compact engine. Although the small-block V-8 engine has changed a tad since its debut in 1955, its basic foundation remains the same.


used Ford engine

Ford Cosworth Engine remain in high demand due to their massive horsepower

Ford Cosworth Engine
Initially, the Ford Cosworth Engine was a collaboration project that was designed to be used in Formula One Racing. These engines remain in high demand to their ability to produce massive amounts of horsepower. Even a used engine that has been developed by Ford Cosworth is highly sought-after by performance enthusiasts. Although most people consider it to be a high-performance engine, the Ford Cosworth engine is also one of the most durable gas motors ever created.


used rover engine

Rover K Series Engine is a popular engine in automotive history.

Rover K Series Engine
Although this engine experienced a head gasket issue in its early development, it would go on to become one of the most popular engines in automotive history. Unlike some of the other performance-oriented engines, the Rover K Series has a very flat torque throughout its rev range.
All of these engines are still very popular, so you should be able to easily find a low mileage block to fit your needs. Even years from now, they will maintain a legendary status.



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