LEGO CAR: They Call It Mellow Yellow and It Runs On Air!

LEGO CAR: They Call It Mellow Yellow and It Runs On Air!


The 20 year old creator of this Lego car spent 18 months building it


If you’re old enough to remember the hit song “Mellow Yellow” from the 1960’s by an English singer named Donovan, your appreciation of this Lego masterpiece will be even more enjoyable. Two guys from Australia produced this Lego crowd-pleaser, and in the process raked up a Lego bill of $60,000 plus other expenses. That cost is not surprising when you consider they used over 500,000 Lego bricks along with 256 engine pistons and topped it off with a cool “hot rod” design idea.


The car was built in Romania and then transported to a private location in Melbourne.¬†When the boy’s from Australia received the basic car form, it had incurred significant damage during shipping. They figured that snapping all the loose Lego’s pieces back together would work, but it wasn’t that easy. However after a frustrating effort they were able to patch the damaged parts, and were ready to take the car to the streets. The initial setup was to use four radial engines for power and reach speeds of 20 mph to avert any Lego explosions.


Some viewers of the Lego car on the Internet suggested these comments: “There isn’t anything special about this car,” to “How amazing is was that these guys took the time to make this out of Lego’s.” Although it may not be safe for performing on any streets, this “to dream” car can be driven.” If you look closely it’s actually powered by an electric motor that isn’t made of Lego’s,” one pundit acknowledged. The torque is provided by compressed air being pushed through pistons. Tons of tiny pistons arranged in to 4 radial engines making it an air-powered engine with a million tiny pistons. Challenges can be found everywhere, but projects like these are made to inspire and to dream.



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