The Benefits of Used Engines

The Benefits of Used Engines


Why buy a whole car when it’s your engine that needs help?  Why buy a new engine for the car you’re fixing when you can buy a used engine?  Well, what’s the point?


There are 3 basic reasons.


1. Economy


Used engines are invariably cheaper than anything else comparable on the market.  Unless you have a ridiculous discount, buying an engine used will be cheaper than buying a brand-new engine.  It’s like buying a new car as opposed to the same car used.

If you were thinking of trashing your old car and buying another, a used engine is even cheaper.  Even with installation fees, it’s less than a new car.  In addition, your insurance may be lower for a car with a used engine instead of a new one.


2. Efficiency


If you look for a used engine instead of a new one, you can get a part that fits your car exactly.  There won’t be any worry about compensating or any adjustments that could damage an engine; you can find the engine that was built for your car.

Especially with older cars or unique or specialty cars, you’ll be able to find an engine for your car more easily by looking for used engines.  This is particularly true if the car company that made your car went out of business.


3.  Ecology


Think about it – cars and engines are made up of a lot of metal, rubber, plastics, and other things that really don’t do well in a landfill.  Buying a used engine keeps your car and the engine out of landfills for a good deal longer.

In addition, buying a used engine reduces the demand for new engines and new cars, reducing the draw on resources, and keeping the environment just a bit safer.


Granted, when looking for a used engine, you need to look for a qualified and trustworthy dealer.  Look for someone who tests the engines before shipping and who has a good reputation.  After all, buying a used engine is only helpful if the engine actually works.



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