The Mechanics of Finding Good Mechanics

The Mechanics of Finding Good Mechanics


A good mechanic is a great find and a bad thing to lose.   Not everyone has the time, knowledge, or experience to take care of their engine themselves.  But if you’ve moved, your mechanic has left, or any number of things that mean you’re short a mechanic, there are ways to find one.


Fixing Your Engine



Your mechanic will keep your car running like a well oiled machine. Because when he’s through with it, that’s what it’ll be.

Of course, everyone’s favorite place to look is the internet.  Use caution when searching on Google or any other public forum; you’ll find lots of results but many of those might be from people who were really just having a bad day and wanted to complain.  However, if you notice that someone takes the time to respond to reviews online, that’s a good sign that they actually care about their customers.


Driving past mechanic shops is a good way to scope them out – do they have a lot of customers or a few, and are they finishing the cars on the lot quickly?  Do they keep a clean shop?  If not, that filth and grime might end up on your engine.  Classic cars in the yard indicate that they take time and caution on the autos in their care.  They may also specialize in a particular type of car, which would be helpful to know before hand.


Word of mouth is, of course, always an excellent way to sort out the good mechanics, particularly if you ask those who tend to know a thing or two about cars.  Taxi drivers and chauffeurs, and other people who make their living with cars, will be likely to know where you can find a good, reliable mechanic.  Local car clubs will also prove helpful in that respect.


When you find a good mechanic, give them a test drive, so to speak.  Take your car in for a minor repair, which will let you gauge their services and prices as well as give you a chance to meet the mechanic in person.

That may seem like a lot of steps, but it’s really not too difficult.  And in the end, finding a good, reliable mechanic who won’t overcharge you will be worth it.


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