Ford is On Fire! …But Maybe Not in a Good Way

Ford is On Fire! …But Maybe Not in a Good Way


Remember how we said earlier that an overheated engine is bad?  Well, if you’re in a Ford Escape or Fusion, overheating can have a bit more of a combustible result.


Ford Recall


car fire

This is generally bad. Don’t let it happen to you.

On Nov. 30, Ford put out a voluntary recall on 2013 Ford Fusions and Escapes with a 1.6 litre engine, as some of them had been inexplicably catching fire.  After some research and testing, they discovered that the cause of the problem had two causes:  first, a closed valve prevented coolant from going to the engine for a short period of time.  Second, low pressure was causing the coolant to boil during that time, so it never got there.  Individually, neither of those would cause a problem.  However, together, they prevented the engine from getting the necessary coolant.  Therefore, fire.


The Solution


First of all, the problem can be avoided by car drivers.  If your car warns you the engine is getting too hot, pull over and let it cool down.  Secondly, since the coolant system is run electrically, Ford is sending a software fix to its dealers so they can fix your car.


Don’t end up with a roasted engine – check your car and make sure it’s running well.



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