The Most Powerful Engines: Ford

The Most Powerful Engines: Ford

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The Shelby GT500 engine is said to be the most powerful V-8 engine in the world


Ford currently has the world’s most powerful street legal car in the recently released Shelby GT500 Mustang. It also has one of the most powerful trucks with the 2015 Ford F Series Super Duty truck with a diesel engine. Ford has always been among the leaders since it entered the race for speed with the 1932 V8 Ford engine.


Shelby GT500 Mustang Engine

In 2012 the GT500 car impressed with 1,100 horsepower. It blew the doors off the competition in 2013 with 1,200 horsepower.  Car experts are calling the GT500 the most powerful street legal car with a V-8 engine in the world. Only 100 of these cars will be made, which will mark the 50th anniversary of the Mustang.

The car has 662 horsepower, 631 pounds of torque, and is said to be able to cruise at 200 miles per hours. The car has a 2.3 liter supercharger, twin overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. Even with all that power, it is still rated at 18 miles per gallon, combined city and highway.

2015 F Series Super Duty Ford Engine

Ford has always had powerful trucks and the most recent entry, the F Series Super Duty features a 6.7 liter power-stroke diesel that will have more horsepower and torque than any other vehicle in its class.

It has 440 horsepower and an amazing 860 lb-ft of torque. That is about 40 more horsepower and 60 more pounds of torque than the previous year’s model. To do that Ford added fuel injectors and a turbocharger,

Numbers are nice, but truck owners want to know how much it will tow. When properly equipped this vehicle can tow 26,500 pounds.

Ford Flathead V-8 Engine

The power for Ford started in 1932 with the Flathead V-8 engine. The Ford V-8 has been the mark of hot-rodding ever since. It was the first affordable V-8 on the market. It changed the industry as the first one of its type. There were many innovations including a special camshaft and casting the entire engine block as one piece, which had never been done in mass production.

The battle for supremacy among cars in the America has always been a matter of who has the most power and speed. Even in this day of emphasis on gas mileage and ecology, the major manufacturers can still enjoy competing to see who can be fastest and most powerful.   Mustang lovers may enjoy this video showing Carrol Shelby watch the development of the car named after him.  Watch here:


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