Honda Engine Swaps: Which Motor is Right For You?

Honda Engine Swaps: Which Motor is Right For You?

Why are engine swaps so popular in Hondas?

For the most part, they’re easy. Many of Honda’s and Acura’s cars use similar mounting points for their engines, while these engines bolt up to . By combining a few parts from a donor car,

How do I identify a Honda motor?

The model of engine is stamped on the block. For example, if you look at an engine from a CRX HF, you will see it stamped with “D15B6.”

D – Motor: With a few exceptions, each series of motor uses the same mount points.
15 – Engine displacement: This is a 1.5l engine.
B6 – Model: This indicates that this is the HF engine. Japanese market (JDM) motors always use a single letter to indicate the model.

What should I consider when selecting an engine?

Engine wiring is easiest when both the donor engine and the car use the same On-board Diagnostics (ODB) system. DPFI cars have ODB0, U.S. MPFI before 1995 have ODB1, and U.S. cars made after 1995 use ODB2 (ODB-II). DPFI engines are easily identified by the badge on the intake. Switching from a DPFI (dual point fuel injection) engine to a MPFI (multi-port fuel injection) engine will require some additional wiring, although it is relatively easy.

Most cars that will accept a B-series can also use an H-series from a Prelude, but H-series motors are somewhat heavier than B-series motors, which will affect handling. The Prelude VTEC (H22A) is tilted toward the rear of the car, making it unsuitable for Civics and Integras.

The RSX and Civic models after 2004 use i-VTEC “K” motors which have different mounting setup, making it extremely difficult to put in an older design engine. K and L-series engines (Honda Fit) can be swapped with other K motors.

What do I need to install the new engine?

If possible, it’s best to have the car the engine is coming from to guarantee that you will have all the small parts you may need for a swap: some installations may require accessories from the original car, the donor engine, or both to fit properly. If that isn’t possible, look for a “long block,” which will be a complete engine. You will also need the ECU (electornic control unit), as these are unique to each type of engine.


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