Increasing the Gas Mileage of a Hummer

Increasing the Gas Mileage of a Hummer

The Hummer remains one of the must have SUV s’ on the market. However, it also has one of the worst gas mileage ratings in the SUV line of vehicles with an average of 13 miles per gallon. There are some things Hummer owners can do to help increase their miles per gallon rating with little to no out of pocket expenses.

Removing heavy accessories on your vehicle such as the crossbars located on the top of the vehicle, spare tires, and any other exterior accessories that are unneeded can help increase the gas mileage on your vehicle. By doing this you can eliminate the force exerted against your vehicle.

Your Hummer will be more fuel efficient if you drive at a constant speed when possible and eliminate the stop and go driving that is associated with city driving. When you can, use highway driving. However, when you are city driving, allow yourself extra stopping time so that you can apply the brake at a slower rate.

Cold Air Intake
If possible, install a cold air intake on your vehicle. This not only improves the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, it also helps to improve the performance.

Timely Tune Up
As with any vehicle, replacing the air filter, spark plugs and spark plug wires regularly will not only improve your gas mileage, it will also help to preserve the life of your vehicle.

Limiting AC usage
If possible, do not use the air conditioning feature on your vehicle unless absolutely necessary. This features has a very bad impact on your vehicle’s gas mileage rating.

Gas to Diesel Conversion
This is a more costly approach to increasing your overall gas mileage in your Hummer. A gas to diesel conversion involves removing the gas burning engine and transmission that are factory installed on the Hummer models and replacing them with a Duramax diesel engine and Allison transmission. By doing this you will increase your overall gas mileage rating to 22 to 24 miles per gallon. Additional benefits include the increase of horsepower going from 325 in a gas engine to 650 in a diesel engine. The overall torque increases from 600 foot pounds to 800 to 900 foot pounds.

If done correctly, these few tips will save any Hummer owner a great deal of money. You may even think about buying a few new accessories for your vehicle with your savings.


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