Jaguar has seen many changes

Jaguar has seen many changes

Jaguar has seen many changes over the years, especially in the last couple of decades. They are durable cars with enthusiastic owners, not the orphans one might have expected. Obtaining parts is much easier than one might assume.

Jaguar has a small but stable dealer network which, like that of Mercedes-Benz, is committed to helping all Jaguar owners with their service and parts. Unlike other makes, they are not just about warranty work and new cars. Jaguars are divided into three categories: pre-Ford era cars, Ford era cars, and post-Ford era cars.

Pre-Ford Jaguar experienced varying degrees of freedom over the years, during which the U.K. nationalized, ruined, and then privatized their auto industry. Under nationalization they were forced to shop the parts bins of British industry, in particular Lucas. The quality of British industry in those times was notoriously bad, and Lucas may have been the worst. Consequently, although the cars are brilliant-looking and a joy to drive, obtaining reliable parts for them can be worrisome. Nevertheless, parts are easily obtained through both dealers and purveyors of NOS replacements.

Ford era cars include models that were initiated during Jaguar’s independent ownership, such as the Series III XJs and the XJ40. The development of the new six cylinder engine was a Jaguar project. The most positive influence Ford had on Jaguar was in mandating a higher quality of assembly and components. Parts for the Ford era cars are easy to find, cheaper, and more reliable. Ford initiated the development of the V8 engine, which could be argued as the most important project in the company’s history. With new models, investment, and technology, Ford era Jaguars became respected by consumers worldwide for quality and reliability.

In the post-Ford era, there is some doubt about future development. But the parts network continues to deliver essential replacements, and there is no reason to doubt that it will continue. Jaguar’s new owners on the sub-continent are committed to carrying forward the good name. Although dealerships will continue as the main source for Jaguar parts, the prices, quality, and availability continue to be excellent.


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  1. John Sullivan :

    I bought a 98 XJ8 and then found out about the early engine problem after the fact. I found the solution with a SW engine at 1/3 the price of a rebuild. I followed SW’s instructions on engine prep before installation and have had years of trouble free driving since. At 100k I have a car the is fun to drive, gets 25 mpg (hwy), and turns heads everywhere. Thanks SWE!

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