Lincoln Luxury Used Auto Parts

Lincoln Luxury Used Auto Parts

Lincoln is the luxury division of Ford. It is traditionally teamed with Mercury in one dealership. Although Lincolns share basic structures and power plants with Ford, they are not always interchangeable. Buying parts for a Lincoln requires a little planning.

Engines in older Lincolns are generally identical to those found in their Ford counterparts. Since the advent of emissions regulations it has been too expensive for Ford to build special versions of any power plant just for Lincoln. Some of the latest models do allow Lincoln a few unique features, resulting in a bit more power, but they are still Ford engines. Transmissions are always shared, as most buyers do not care so long as the car goes when you tell it to.

Sheet metal and trim are completely different on Lincolns, but a number of components are shared beneath the surface. Crash parts for Lincolns are as easily obtained as those for Ford, and Ford dealers will not have any problem furnishing replacements when the Lincoln dealer is not convenient. Most electrical parts are shared between the brands, but Lincoln items are frequently furnished with different finishes or decoration. Depending on the item, one shouldn’t be afraid to give the Ford item a try when the price differential is great.

Undercar components unique to Lincoln are very few. Their exhaust systems frequently will incorporate additional resonators and other features designed to keep the noise level down. Isolators and bushings will sometimes be specified from softer materials for the same purpose. Brakes use materials selected for noise reduction, but very few mechanics will source brake parts at the dealer because of the large price difference. Usually the Lincoln dealer will be the only source for noise abating parts.

Used parts for the Lincoln are readily available, and are preferable to new parts in many instances. Body repair with good used sheet metal is always much cheaper and frequently gives a superior result. Salvage yard operators will know which items from Ford cars can be substituted successfully for Lincoln parts, so don’t hesitate to ask for them.


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