Don’t Be Scared Of Cheap Gas

Don’t Be Scared Of Cheap Gas

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Rising gas prices across the nation has been putting all car owners in a stagnant mood and it’s not even summer yet. We all try to find the cheapest gas on our way home from work, gym, or grocery store just so we can save a couple of pennies here and there. Surely, putting in cheaper unleaded gas in your car makes you feel better than the guy putting in premium into his BMW feels.

The misconception is that premium gas is the gas needed to save all car engines. However, that was the belief 20 years ago. 20 years later, we have come a long way so why panic about regular unleaded gas? It was to be believe that only premium had the additives to help prolong engines. Which was true. This is 20 years later though, and all gas has additives in it. Depending on where you go for gas is what differentiates in additives.

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