Tire-pressure App or Gauge?

Tire-pressure App or Gauge?

Almost every facet of life has its coinciding App on your smartphone. There are even Apps that catalog the catalogs of available Apps. It’s no wonder many people are opting for a digital pathway to freedom and security rather than a hands-on and traditional approach.


There are parts of life however, still requiring personal and physical attention in order to remain effective, thorough and above all, safe. One of these life tasks is the monitoring of your vehicle’s tire pressure.


An inexpensive tire gauge is pretty simple to use

Most newer vehicles have automated monitoring systems connected with the drive train, engines and vital components of it makeup. This includes tire pressure. When pressure falls below, or rises above manufacturer standards an alert system notifies the driver to the problem. Technology has taken this process a step further and made it possible to monitor your tire pressure by consulting an uploaded remote readout from a smartphone App. This is an amazing evolution in technological prowess, but does it provide added security?


Consider the fact that individual vehicle engines and licenses must be registered on a tire pressure App in order to be monitored instantly. Though smartphone relays claim to be instant, uploading tire information is dependent upon service area coverage and digital and satellite communication conditions. Ironically, traveling on roads where smartphone service is sketchy is where tire inflation safety is most important.


In the time it takes to access a tire pressure monitoring App, a driver could be outside of his or her vehicle and applying a manual pressure gauge to each tire for an accurate visual reading. Hands-on monitoring, though not as sophisticated as an App, is fail safe if you are aware of the pressure specs for your vehicle’s tire inflation. Also, a tiny pressure gauge takes up less room in your vehicle’s console than even the most sleek smartphone. Think about it; safety, or savvy?




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