"Had bought engines from craigslist before but they turned out to be bad..I recently bought an engine from SWENGINES and I am very happy with their quality engines ....Thanks SWENIGINES." - Juan S. ‪#‎reviews‬ ‪#‎swengines‬ ‪#‎usedengines‬
June 19, 2016Anthony Luna


"Thanks for your quality service and engine. You helped me with a big problem and I thank you." - David G. ‪#‎reviews‬ ‪#‎swengines‬ ‪#‎usedengines‬
June 18, 2016Anthony Luna


"I just want to say to you and anyone that is considering buying from you guys to be totally confident that you are making the right choice. Pay the extra money, wait the extra few days and get the right engine!" - Chris T. , Texas ‪#‎reviews‬ ‪#‎swengines‬ ‪#‎usedengines‬
June 17, 2016Anthony Luna


“We just got our engine and so far its coming along good. We hope we never have the need for them again. But if we need another engine, we will know where to go. Thank you SW Engines.” – Tabatha P. ‪#‎reviews‬ ‪#‎swengines‬ ‪#‎usedengines‬... Read More
June 16, 2016Anthony Luna


Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016) HDDirector:Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone.Writer:Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone.Release:June 3, 2016Country:United States of America.Production Company:Universal Pictures, Apatow ... Read More
May 23, 2016Anthony Luna


We all have been there, driving around and we hear the dinging sound of our low fuel light. Most of us put our full faith in our vehicles to tell us when we need to do something, even when they are about to run out of gas. How costly is ... Read More
April 20, 2016Anthony Luna


So when would you recommend which engine? It depends mostly on what you are going to use the vehicle for.   If you work in the construction industry and carry around lots of heavy equipment in your vehicle, and use it to tow heavy loads, so you really need a powerful ... Read More
March 19, 2016Anthony Luna


There is nothing more than a car owner dreads more than seeing the check engine light brighten up their dashboard. The dashboard lights are connected to sensors that monitor everything your car does and if something is not working properly, the computer will use these lights to tell you what ... Read More
February 28, 2016Anthony Luna



How To Frustrate Car Thieves

/ Safety
They want your car. You worked to buy your dream vehicle and now car thieves will stop at nothing to get it. Over 1.1 million automobiles are stolen in the United States each year. That's an average of 1 car stolen about every 26.4 seconds, leaving the owners looking for ... Read More
January 13, 2016Anthony Luna


Self-driving cars are no longer an idea from futuristic type movies or books. Major car companies like Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes have already released, or will soon be releasing a way for cars to drive itself. Sooner than later, we will start to see more and more cars that have ... Read More
January 11, 2016Anthony Luna