Where To Find Peugeot Auto Parts

Where To Find Peugeot Auto Parts

Peugeot is one of the world’s oldest automakers. They haven’t sold cars in the North American market since 1991, however, and have no dealer representation. This is a big problem with these cars, since they have no interchangeability with other makes. Aside from a few relays, Peugeot cars are orphans. It might be easier to find parts for a Packard than a Peugeot.

But there are several outfits, some former dealers, who still deal in OEM parts. Some are rooted in Quebec, Canada, taking advantage of the market there. It seems that French Canadians would have been eager to buy French cars, but sales dropped so low that Peugeot decided it was pointless to continue a dealer network. U.S. sales were minuscule, and most American dealers shut down before Peugeot put up the white flag.

So, Peugeot is a good example of a parts dilemma. No matter how one loves one’s car a fender-bender will put it out of commission. With no crash parts available, and few mechanical parts, continuing operation looks hopeless. Yet there are specialists who enjoy repairing the cars. They’ve cultivated a network of parts hoarders that supplies them. The internet shows several vendors of used parts, and there are always cars for sale on eBay. The secret to continuing ownership of a Peugeot is to buy a parts car. Run-down or mechanically compromised cars are good, as long as they sport intact sheet metal. Even a rusty example can supply the materials needed to rebuild a fender or core support.

Who, then, would really consider buying a used Peugeot? They aren’t especially fast, and they don’t handle or ride better than other cars. What they do have is some of the best seats in the world. There is nothing this side of a premium Barcalounger that is as comfortable as the seat in a Peugeot car. Is this justification for buying one? It would depend on the sensitivity of your fundament and your sense of outrageousness. Peugeots can be owned and enjoyed, but it does take a sense of humor.


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