Where To Find Porsche Auto Parts

Where To Find Porsche Auto Parts

Porsche is just another auto maker, or so some say. The truth is that Porsche uses processes and components that aren’t found on other cars. Even the Italian exotics lack the extreme precision found in Porsche’s products. This makes the parts issue a difficult one for mechanics and owners.

Mechanically, Porsche shares no parts or technology with any other maker. Parts can sometimes be swapped between different Porsche models, but not with other manufacturers. This has to do with the concept of excellence, a word frequently used with Porsche cars. The engineers at Porsche practice it religiously. They have designed and evolved the car and its philosophy for sixty years. The concept is simple: no part is included that doesn’t enhance the car’s performance. What owners call excellence is actually thoroughness, and closer to the practices of the aircraft industry than to the automotive world. This means there are no half-measures to be taken in the repair of these cars; dealer-sourced parts, or good used ones, are a must.

Porsche dealers are very good about carrying a complete supply of needed parts, and their network makes anything available within a day. These are complex cars, and have so much technology crammed under their sheet metal that a non-specialist mechanic is not going to be able to deal with it. An example is a good body shop that repaired a 911 rocker panel which had been squashed against a curb. They didn’t know that there is a large-diameter pipe behind the rocker panel that carries oil to the cooler, and it had been collapsed. A few miles down the road from the body shop the engine seized up, totally ruined because the owner had not taken it to a specialist.

So, when it comes to parts for a Porsche, the only source is Porsche or a reliable specialist salvage yard. The exception is high-performance parts, and we know that they are sold without warranty for a very good reason. Porsche ownership is not to be undertaken lightly or on the cheap, but it is hugely rewarding.


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