Get a used radiator and maintain OEM quality

Get a used radiator and maintain OEM quality

One important part that most don’t realize for your engine to run optimally is the radiator. Bottom line is its all about heat control. Heat is what kills engines and the radiators job is to keep coolant cool so it keeps the engine cool.

Now, when a radiator gets damaged in an accident the replacment alternatives are either an aftermarket (one thats produced by a company other than the manufacturer), new from dealer or a used OEM.

Here is the breakdown:

Aftermarket: Can be decent price but iffy on the actual quality because these are made by aftermarket dealers that do not have to adhere to same standards as OEM. Overall though can be a good solution for many domestic vehicles.

NEW Oem: OBviously the best choice if you’ve got a fat pocket book. Enough said

Used OEM Radiators: Ok – so in our opinion one of the best options if you shop it right. Make sure you buy from a good dealer and your getting OEM quality at a fraction of the price hands down.


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