Used Window motors prove to be the way to go

Used Window motors prove to be the way to go

So, you’ve noticed your window going a little slower than normal. What could it be? Well, more than likely its the motor getting weaker and weaker. The signal is getting to it but its just not able to output the necessary power anymore. Your options are to wait till it leaves you stranded in the rain stuck down or just go ahead and replace it .

A little tip – just get a used one, but when you do, find one from a vehicle that’s been off the road the longest, meaning ‘less used’. So for instance you have a 2004 Camaro and its 2015. So find one from a 2004 Camaro but see if you can find one that is ‘old stock’ meaning it was pulled in say 2006.. meaning it was only 2 years old (as far as use goes). If you get one from a 2011 stock that means it was used for 4 years. Used window motors can be bought for a fraction of new and you still get the OEM part.. vs aftermarket lower standards.


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