How To Frustrate Car Thieves

How To Frustrate Car Thieves

They want your car. You worked to buy your dream vehicle and now car thieves will stop at nothing to get it. Over 1.1 million automobiles are stolen in the United States each year. That’s an average of 1 car stolen about every 26.4 seconds, leaving the owners looking for used engines for sale.


The only way you can guarantee you won’t have a car stolen is not to own one.  That’s not always the best option.  However, you can do some things to deter a car thief from targeting your car.  Here are 8 simple things you can do to make if more difficult for your car to be stolen.


1) Never leave your car unlocked and running in a public place. It’s even dangerous to leave your car running in your driveway.

2) Don’t leave money, phones, computers, shopping bags or other valuables visible in your car. Even if they don’t take the car, they’ll smash the window and steal your stuff.

3) Always take the keys out of the ignition when you get out your car. A key in the ignition of an unlocked car is a car thief’s dream come true.

4) Invest in a good alarm or car security system. One with a 2-way paging feature which notifies you if the alarm is triggered.

5) If you cannot afford an alarm, at least get an alarm sticker. This turns away a surprising number of potential car thieves.

6) Keeping your car in a garage both at home and at work reduces the chance of it being stolen. If thieves never see your car they are less likely to steal it.

7) Nothing frustrates car thieves more than seeing a car’s steering wheel locked with the Club.

8) A hidden kill switch is the ultimate defense against car thieves. If they can’t start it they can’t steal it.

Car thieves take over a million vehicles a year.  You don’t have to be a victim, though.  Following these steps can give you peace of mind and show thieves that your car is off limits.  Check out this interesting infographic below for more information.

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Don’t let your car become one of the used engines for sale due to a car thief!


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