Snow Day Dangers

Snow Day Dangers

As winter continues, it’s important to stay safe.  We talked about saving your car from salt, but keeping yourself and others safe in winter weather is equally important.


Safe Cars, Dangerous Roads


icy road

Beware the conditions that lead to accidents. Winter weather accounts for a high percentage of collisions or crashes.

Ice, snow, sleet, and other winter weather makes for slippery conditions.  Try to avoid collisions by following a few basic tips.

1.  Give yourself room to stop.  In other words, double the length of time you would normally use to stop.  Stopping too fast or in too small a space increases your chance of slipping.

2.  SLOW DOWN.  Particularly when going around corners, make sure that you are going much slower than the posted speed limit.  It’s called “driving safely for conditions.”

3.  Keep an eye out for pedestrians.  They’ll probably be going slower, too, and they could slip, so you want to be able to stop if you see them coming.

4.  If you’re in an area where you might need them often, keep a set of tire chains handy and know how to put them on.

5.  Be patient.  Road rage in the ice is only going to get someone hurt.


These are all basic guidelines.  Just make sure you’re driving safely on icy roads.


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