Roll on, Subaru Nation: you know who you are.

Roll on, Subaru Nation: you know who you are.

The word “subaru” in Japanese means “unite”, which is a name that proves very apt. There is indeed a united group of Subaru drivers out there, who love their cars like members of the family. Word of mouth powers a lot of Subaru sales. Some folks will only buy Subaru, and tell their friends and family about these great cars. These tough little beasts drive and drive, and are famous for their performance in rain, snow, rough roads, and tough city conditions.
The emblem of the Subaru is five stars, symbolizing the cluster of stars called Pleiades, in the larger constellation of Taurus. Given the Japanese peoples’ reverence for nature, it can be surmised that the car makers found much inspiration in the skies and beyond.
Since 1968, Subarus have been imported from Japan to the United States. The boxer engine and all-wheel drive can make for some quirky features, but that only adds to their appeal. Many Subaru owners work on their cars themselves. The recycle-ability of tough-made parts appeal to the more environmentally-minded owners. That is where Subaru auto parts come in. A Google search will reveal a surprising number of auto parts dealers who specialize in Subaru.
One cool feature you will find in your search is an Image Part Selector. Just roll your mouse over the image of the car (under the hood, wheel, etc). Find the part, click, and see a good clear picture of the part and its name. A real boon for the newbie Subaru tinkerer.
Since Subarus are such well-built cars, accessories tend to wear out faster than Subaru car parts. You can order such Subaru car parts as covers and floor mats. Gift ideas can be found as well, such as mud flaps, fancy stick shift knobs, or performance lighting.
From the cute, boxy little cars fresh from Japan to the newest, pitch-perfect 2010 models, there is a dedicated Subaru owner to love them all. Subaru owners know they are in very good company indeed.


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