Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair Accessible

If you or anyone you know uses a wheelchair, you may be interested to know that there is a new car on the market specifically for the use of people in wheelchairs.


The Accessible Vehicle


handicapped parking sign

Park your wheels in your sweet new wheels.

This car, designed by a man who is, himself, in a wheelchair, makes the near-impossible task of driving into an easily accomplished feat.  The MV-1, by new American company VPG, is designed around giving mobility to the wheelchair – bound.


One important feature is the fully extendable ramp, controlled inside and outside of the car, with an adjustable angle and length depending on the location of the vehicle’s stop.  The ramp retracts into the floor of the car for storage and safekeeping, out of the way of passengers and car components alike until it’s needed again.


When you get in, you’ll discover something else interesting – no front passenger seat.  This was left out, with room instead to lock and hold a wheelchair, to make it easy for drivers to get in and out.  The controls, too, are different.  Acceleration and braking are linked to hand controls, bypassing the normal pedal setup and obvious problems for the driver demographic, and the steering wheel is adapted for one-handed steering.


If you’re worried about drive-ability, don’t be.  With a great engine, reliable drive train, and an easy ride overall, the MV-1 doesn’t overlook the experience of driving.  It’s smooth, easy to handle, and reliable.  This great innovation in car design will open up opportunities to many people who lacked convenient mobility previously.


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