How To Know When You Have Transmission Trouble

How To Know When You Have Transmission Trouble

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The key to identifying transmission trouble is to pay attention


When you buy an automobile one of the most important things you’re purchasing is a transmission. When your transmission is working well your vehicle zooms around with ease. It can climb hills, carry large loads and shift smoothly without a sound. When your vehicle is running well you’re confident you can go anywhere with it. But when you begin to have transmission trouble things change quickly. You are careful where you go and what you do so you do not get stranded somewhere. But how can you tell when your vehicle’s transmission is going bad and you need to be careful with it?


One clue that your transmission might be in trouble is when your vehicle begins to have problems when you try to start it or won’t move in any direction. Then when it finally does start and you’re driving you may feel your vehicle begin to tremble when you pick up speed. You may either be looking for a used engine for sale sign or have a transmission problem.

Here are some things to consider:



  • Do you smell as though something is burning when you drive? Check your transmission fluid. If it’s very dark and smells burnt you may have a transmission problem. Take it to a shop as soon as you can and have a transmission specialist check it out. If you don’t take care of it quickly, it may get worse and cost a king’s ransom in order to have it repaired.



  • Do you see pink spots on your driveway or on the floor of your garage? It could mean your transmission is leaking. You could lose all your transmission fluid and your transmission will lock up. Check it regularly and add some fluid if it’s low. Get it fixed right away. Driving around with transmission fluid leaking from your vehicle is just asking for trouble.



  • Is your vehicle struggling to change gears? Do you hear a grinding sound when the gears shift? This can mean your clutch is bad and your transmission is about to fail.



  • Is your transmission slipping when you change gears? Run, don’t walk, to a transmission expert before your vehicle leaves you stranded on the side of the road at the most with your date.



The key to identifying transmission trouble is to pay attention. Have your transmission checked and serviced regularly and if you see any of the signs mentioned above, get thee to a transmission specialist. ┬áIf you do need to replace your car’s tranny, you can also save a bundle of money by purchasing a used one from our reliable experts at Quality Used Transmissions.



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