Crimewave of Clunkers

Crimewave of Clunkers


Your car here for $400!

 Around the end of last August, the legislation in St. Louis, MO, changed a bit.  But that little bit has had a dramatic impact.

The government wanted to allow people to get their old, not working, eyesores off of their property and to a junkyard.  Prior to this legislation, if a car was less than 20 years old, you needed documentation to sell your car for scrap.  Unfortunately, for older cars, this documentation often got lost through the process of living, where it’s hard to keep track of a slip of paper.  Fortunately, this legislation made it easier, stating that cars 10 years and older didn’t need documentation, allowing for an extra decade of lost documentation.  Unfortunately, and here’s where the trouble comes in, you no longer needed to prove that your 10+ year old car was, in fact, yours.

Enter the less savory elements.  If someone with a slight lack of ethics could pick up a decade old car out of a store parking lot, they could ship it off to a junkyard and make a tidy profit off of the car’s scrap value, usually between $200 to 500.  But that leaves the car owner stranded at the store.  As if stealing their car isn’t bad enough, you add insult to injury and let the car owner’s milk spoil.

This little problem is creating a lot of work for the St. Louis police.  In fact, they say that incidents of car theft are increasing while other crimes are generally decreasing.  In general, just make sure you keep your car safe, even if you don’t live in St. Louis.


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