The Big Deal with JDM Cars

The Big Deal with JDM Cars

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Cleanliness is also a large part of JDM car styling


Leave it to the Japanese to win the award for “creativity” in automobiles; again! If you’re wondering what a JDM car is, well the answer may be a bit confusing. JDM is an acronym for Japanese Domestic Market. Which means that cars are built in Japan and sold only in Japan for the local market. But hold on, folks! Since the subject you are being taught today is about “car modification” we need to walk down a different path.

You see there are two main types of Japanese vehicle car styling: “Rice” and “JDM.” No we’re not talking about the kind of rice you eat; this rice is the typical Japanese “younger set” style of making your car as visible and loud as possible. Japanese girls love that kind of stuff. You know like adding a different touch to your car like airplane spoilers, engines with holes like the ones SW Engines has for sale in America. Then if you add under car “neon’s” they’ll be able to see you from the planet Jupiter in outer space.

If you’re still a bit confused about all this car rhetoric and the term JDM it’s merely to classify a type of modification that Japanese car enthusiasts enjoy doing in their spare time. Cleanliness is also a large part of JDM car styling and the owners don’t mind telling you that they keep their engine bays cleaner than a hospital floor. Dents, rust, chips and scratches are all “persona non grata” with the JDM car owners. Hyper clean is the mantra for JDM cars, but you can only take advantage of this “fad” if you live in Japan.


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