Tips To Avoid Falling into The Lemon Trap

Tips To Avoid Falling into The Lemon Trap

So you need a new car and you are not certain where to go to begin your shopping experience.  If you simply cannot solve your commuting dilemma with one of our quality used motors here at Southwest Engines right now, then be sure and do your homework before sealing the deal on any new automobile. You should be especially careful that you follow some basic guidelines in order to avoid getting caught with something that is only good for making lemon juice.

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Be sure and do your homework before sealing the deal on any new automobile


One of the first things to consider is whether or not you can afford the payments on a new or used car. It is nice to drive around in something new, until the monthly payments have to be made.

1) Take a closer look at your budget
2) Arrange financing through your bank before visiting the dealerships
3) Try selling your old car in the paper rather than trading it in on your new car


Supply and demand can affect us when we expect it the least and as basic as that sounds, it can affect the way we shop for most things. If the dealership realizes that we are desperate for a new set of wheels, they are less likely to show any flexibility in their prices.

1) Never go shopping for a car when you are desperate
2) Always look at more than one car before settling on the one you want
3) Don’t be in a hurry to agree on a price

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One of the easiest things to do is to buy a car and even if you have the worst credit in the world, you can still drive away from a dealership with a set of wheels. The real accomplishment is to get the best price for those wheels.

1) Do waste time haggling for the best price
2) Do a lot of shopping for similar vehicles and bring those deals with you, it could save you big money
3) Do look for rebates that may not be advertised


If you have ever had to take your new car back to the dealership to have something fixed, chances are that you understand that there are certain things they will fix for free and then there are the ones that you must pay for.

1) Read your sticker to know what you are supposed to get
2) Familiarize yourself with the lemon laws in your state
3) Make sure you get what you pay for

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Never go shopping for a new or used car when you are desperate

There are many times when it is better to find used engines for sale, rather than go looking to drive a new car off the lot, the bottom line is how you can tell the difference. The stress of shopping for a new set of wheels may not look so great after all, especially if you get stuck with the wrong one.  Give us a call and we can go over some options for you that may save you money in short and long run.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)





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