How To Know When Your Transmission Is Dying

How To Know When Your Transmission Is Dying



If your transmission is going, shift into gear and get it to an auto repair shop.

Aside from your engine, the transmission in your car is one of the most important parts to keep your car running smoothly.  Cars function best at high rotations, but the can’t start, stop, or drive slowly at the same rotation speed.  Your transmission, whether you’re in an automatic or manual car, is what makes up the difference by switching how the engine is functioning depending on what you need your car to do.


Needless to say, if your transmission is in trouble, so is your car, and so are you.  Here are a few warning signs that your transmission is having some trouble.


Transmission Trouble?


Especially in automatic transmission cars and even to a large measure in manuals, your transmission is supposed to be invisible.  Or at the least, barely noticeable.  Therefore, if you can see, hear, feel, or smell something from your transmission, something is going wrong.


See Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is a sweet-smelling, reddish liquid that doesn’t get used up, unlike oil or other car fluids.  However, it should stay in your car.  If you check the levels and see that it’s dropping, or if you see it on the floor of your garage or wherever you store your car, your transmission has sprung a leak.


Hear Transmission Shift

Your transmission should shift smoothly.  If you hear clanking, buzzing, rumbling, or other noises when your car shifts, something could be going wrong.  It may not be often at the outset, but if you ignore the noise, it’s just going to get worse.


Feel Transmission Shift

Again, transitions should be smooth.  If you can feel your transmission shifting gear, it’s not doing its job properly.


Smell Transmission Fluid

If you smell a burning smell from your transmission, often accompanied by the fluid turning darker, it’s probable that your transmission is overheating.


Should any of these warning signs occur in your car, talk to a mechanic and see if you can diagnose and fix the problem before it gets out of hand.  Your car will thank you.


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