Spring Cleaning Again: Interior Scrubbing

Spring Cleaning Again: Interior Scrubbing

So your car is sparkling clean outside, but what about the inside?  Pop cans, wrappers, crumbs, tissues, stains… any number of things can cover the inside of a car, and every so often it’s helpful to clear all of that out of your car.


Cleansing Rituals:  How to Clean Your Car


clean car interior

A good, clean car interior makes driving far more pleasant.

Step One:  Remove large trash items.

This is generally easy.  Just pick up anything big enough to be picked up and chuck it.  In fact, getting everything else out of the way is a good idea, as well.


Step Two:  Vacuuming

Make sure you get all the dirt.  Take out floor mats and vacuum underneath them, and don’t forget to get under the seats.  Tilt them up for easier access.  Cracks between seats also tend to collect gunk, so use a hose attachment to clean those out, too.  For cleaner floor mats, you can give them a good hose-down and let them dry out in the sun before replacing them in your car.


Step Three:  Seat Cleaning

Vacuuming your seats can be good to get off loose dirt, but if you don’t have cloth seats, cleaning can be more effective with a good cleanser.  Depending on the type of upholstery you have, take some of it to the seats and get rid of the daily grime.


Step Four:  Details

Steering wheel, air vents, cubby holes, dash boards, displays, doors, and more; all the other surfaces in your car could probably use a good cleaning.  If this is the first time you’ve cleaned your car in a year or more, use Q-tips and toothbrushes to get dirt and other undesirables out of crevasses and other hard to reach areas.  Normal cleaning supplies will probably help you out here.


Cleaning out your car will make it feel brand new again.  Of course, you don’t need to go into that much detail every day, or even every week, and if you keep up with your car, it will be longer before you have to clean it again.  A little attention can go a long way.  Every so often, though, it’s good to have a great clean car, and what better time to do so than spring?


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