Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Spring Cleaning for Your Car


spring cleaning

Get your car ready for spring with a good wash.

It’s that time of year again.  The birds are singing, the snow is melting, and the flowers are coming out.  And that means bird droppings, mud, and pollen are getting all over your car.  Time to whip out the terrycloth and give your car a good scrubbing.


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Cleaning your car is not only an opportunity to spray people with hoses or make your car look like it just rolled out of the showroom.  Getting the contaminants off of the car protect its finish and help the paint and the body last and look better for a longer period of time.  After all, who wants a lovely engine purring under the hood of something that looks like it should have been consigned to the scrap yard a decade ago?

To get your car clean, you’re going to want a good car soap, a few buckets, a good water source, a microfiber or terrycloth cloth, a drying cloth, and a shady spot.

Why do you want these things in particular?  Well, you want car soap because it has been formulated to not strip the paint and wax from your car.  Dish soap was designed to remove things, and it’ll dry out and crack your car over time.  You want more than one bucket so that you can have soapy water and rinse water, preventing sludge you just washed off from getting back on.  Refilling on occasion is good, too. Shade, of course, prevents water or soap from drying too fast and leaving spots.

clean car

All sudsed up and ready to go.

As for the microfiber or terrycloth, you want those for the very fact that they’re not smooth.  You don’t want to scratch your car, and these are soft enough to do the job.  However, using a smooth piece of fabric on your car is like pressing down on some shards of glass and pushing them into a dustbin – you’re going to scratch your floor.  You use a broom for glass for the same reason that you use the microfiber cloth on your car – you don’t want to drag particles, but pick them up.  The same principle applies for your drying cloth.

After this, well, you know the drill.  Rinse off your car, then lather, rinse, dry, and repeat.  If you’ve got sticky stuff like tree sap, put some straight soap on the spots first and let it sit for a bit.  Cleaning out the wheels is also a good idea.  Then suds it over well from the top down, cleaning everything off, then rinse and dry.

Get your car good and clean before spring gets here!  Or during the messy, messy process of this great season.


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